Strategic Priorities

Strong Neighborhoods

“Lancaster is a city of neighborhoods. Our goal is to engage neighbors where they are and work with them to build a more equitable community.”

Milzy Carrasco
Director of Neighborhood Engagement
City of Lancaster

Pictured: Children from the Boys & Girls Club looking at a newly renovated playground in Milburn Park.

Strong Neighborhoods

Lancaster’s diverse and vibrant neighborhoods are welcoming places that foster connections among our residents. Residents are actively engaged in the day-to-day life of their neighborhoods in partnership with the City to sustain strong community with safe and quality housing, public spaces, and facilities.

Strong Neighborhoods Goals

  • Neighborhood Engagement
  • Housing Quality and Diverse Housing Supply
  • Comprehensive Neighborhood Development

Safe Places

“We see ‘safety’ as well-being. How are you? Are your basic needs being met? These questions shape our work as we connect residents to the services they need and deserve.”

Grace Mentzer & Sonia LeBron
Police Social Worker and Housing Case Worker
City of Lancaster

Pictured from left to right: Grace Mentzer (Bureau of Police) and Sonia LeBron (Bureau of Health.)

Safe Places

Lancaster has safe, walkable, and accessible places for all.  Residents feel safe in their communities – the cornerstone of strong neighborhoods.

Safe Places Goals

  • Trust and Legitimacy
  • Readiness and Response
  • Complete Streets and Public Places
  • Traffic Safety
  • Climate Resilience

Sustainable Economy

“As the lifeblood of our City’s economy, supporting local, small businesses is an important driver of a sustainable economy. When you do business in the City, you are making an investment in our community, supporting innovation, helping to create jobs, and providing important connections to a vibrant downtown and our diverse city neighborhoods.”

Marshall W. Snively
Lancaster City Alliance

Pictured: Small businesses, ranging from dining to retail and services, thrive in an equitable economy.

Sustainable Economy

The foundation of a strong community is a sustainable and equitable economy that works for all residents. Residents have access to familysustaining jobs and the City contains an array of thriving local businesses that reflect the diversity of our community.

Sustainable Economy Goals

  • Opportunity for Working Families
  • Thriving Local Economy

Sound Government

“As a welcoming and diverse city, we’re ensuring we can communicate with our residents in whatever language they speak. Inclusive and intentional communication makes city government more accessible.”

Zayra Falu
Language Services Coordinator
City of Lancaster

Pictured from left to right: Amer Al Fayadh, Founder of Communications Essientials LLC, Amer helps implement the City’s language access efforts, and Zayra Falu.

Sound Government

City government serves residents with humility, is accountable and accessible to all, responsive to their needs, and continually improving to make the City a more equitable community. Human and financial resources are put to their best use and competing interests are balanced through transparent and constructive public dialogue.

Sound Government Goals

  • Culture of Inclusion and Public Service
  • Civic Engagement
  • Effective Law & Policy
  • Data Informed Decision-Making
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