Sound Government

“As a water resources engineer, I am not the typical plug and chug equation…very ‘this is the rule and this is what we have to do.’ When dealing with nature, you have to be a little creative.”

Ruth Hocker
City of Lancaster

Sound Government

The City of Lancaster’s leaders are approachable, responsive, and always working to make the City a better place. Human and financial resources are put to their best use and competing interests are balanced through public dialogue.

2020 Accomplishments

  • Reorganized City departments including Community Planning & Economic Development, Public Works and Human Resources 
  • Census 2020 outreach efforts 
  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion efforts launched 
  • Hired a new Director of Public Works 
  • Completed the Strategic Management Planning Program with the PA Department of Community and Economic Development  
  • Reassigned City staff to start a contact tracing effort to combat COVID-19 
  • Made revisions to the Subdivision & Land Development Organization ordinance (SALDO) 
  • Developed both an internal operations protocol and a public-facing response to COVID-19 
  • City Solicitor joined the City of Lancaster as an in-house staff member 
  • Conducted a legal review of all projects 
  • Made changes to the City’s procurement process to increase transparency and opportunities 
  • Made policy changes within the Police Bureau 
  • Opened a new Operations Center for the Dept. of Public Works 
  • City leadership took part in the “Bloomberg Harvard 3” leadership development program 
  • Information Technology (IT) ensured City staff could pivot to working from home during the pandemic 
  • Changed Police Probationary period to 2 years 

2021 Goals & Priorities

  • Create a live data “dashboard” that shows the progress of City initiatives 
  • Continue to improve the City’s “data governance” 
  • Launch a 311 system to better serve residents 
  • Improve and finalize the City’s project management process 
  • Secure changes to state law allowing sustainable revenue options 
  • Improve the new hire onboarding experience for the City of Lancaster 
  • Focus and improve on the “customer experience” for City services 
  • Broadband Fiber Visioning  
  • Continue to restructure City Hall to be more efficient and effective 

Community Feedback

This strategic plan can’t work without input from people like you. You know your neighborhood, your street, and your needs better than anyone. We value your input as we work together to build a stronger, more equitable Lancaster, block by block.