Building a Stronger Lancaster, Block by Block

Sound Government

“As a water resources engineer, I am not the typical plug and chug equation…very ‘this is the pipe and this is the rule and this is what we have to do.’ When dealing with nature, you have to be a little creative.”
Ruth Hocker
City of Lancaster

Sound Government

The City of Lancaster’s leaders are approachable, responsive, and always working to make the City a better place. Human and financial resources are put to their best use and competing interests are balanced through public dialogue.

Strategic Goals – Sound Government

Last Revised January 22, 2019

Create a culture that attracts talented, motivated individuals who reflect the importance and enjoyment of public service.

Success Indicators

  • Employee turnover and absentee rates decline by 10% year-over-year.
  • A formal mechanism is in place to assess job satisfaction.
  • Formal exit interviews are conducted and used to inform an annual HR improvement plan.
  • Vacant positions are filled by qualified candidates within 60 days of opening.
  • Minority and female candidates increase by 30 percent.

Establish a strong customer service model, informed by the needs of our customers.

Success Indicators

  • Customer Feedback Survey process is in place to establish baseline and define improvement goals.

Ensure that all facets of city government, city council, employees, leadership team, and volunteers work together to achieve our vision.

Success Indicators

  • All employees, elected officials, and volunteers appointed to Boards, Commissions, or Authorities complete an orientation process that includes review of the City’s Strategic Plan, values, and job description.

Promote a growing, vibrant and sustainable City to attract investment that helps fuel responsible growth.

Success Indicators

  • Building on Strength Plan is on target to achieve goals related to business growth and investment.
  • Arts and tourism generate sustained levels of economic activity as measured by Visitors Center and hospitality sector data.
  • CRIZ program funds available for investment increase year-over-year.
  • Data shows that active partnerships have increased access to workforce housing and reduced the number of vacant or abandoned properties by 15%.

Community Feedback

This strategic plan can’t work without input from people like you. You know your neighborhood, your street, and your needs better than anyone. We value your input as we work together to build a stronger Lancaster, block by block.