Building a Stronger Lancaster, Block by Block

Secure Incomes

“They take care of their employees and they look out for them. You have a question and you want to talk to somebody, you can always call up Pete…they always got an ear for you. The benefits are different than any other place I’ve worked.”
Ken Coles
Two Dudes Painting Company

Secure Incomes

The foundation of a strong community is household sustaining employment. Partnerships among Lancaster’s businesses, educational institutions, and non-profits provide every resident access to One Good Job.

Strategic Goals – Secure Incomes

Last Revised January 22, 2019

Convene key stakeholders to multiply impact and integrate existing services and advocacy efforts to support One Good Job.

Success Indicators

  • City poverty rate shows a decline year over year.
  • City-based colleges and educational institutions are all actively engaged in workforce development efforts.

Retain, grow and attract businesses and entrepreneurs to invest in Lancaster focusing on One Good Job for every city resident.

Success Indicators

  • The number of small business start-ups increases year over year.
  • Small businesses in the City remain stable, with no net loss in the number of existing small businesses year over year.

Support the elimination of employment barriers for job seekers through a strong network of partners.

Success Indicators

  • Community benefit agreements, living wage policies, and mentorship programs have been reviewed and evaluated to determine their impact.
  • City government has implemented a internship/mentorship program by the end of 2021.

Community Feedback

This strategic plan can’t work without input from people like you. You know your neighborhood, your street, and your needs better than anyone. We value your input as we work together to build a stronger Lancaster, block by block.