Safe Streets

“When the city has these bike lanes, it’s for the little guy. Some people sometimes can’t afford a car or they enjoy the transportation of a bicycle and the city looks out for that. A city that pays attention to details like that says a lot, that it cares about its residents.”

Pedro Martinez
City Resident

Safe Streets

Lancaster has safe, walkable, and accessible streets for all. City streets foster connectedness with others and one’s own surroundings, promoting a sense of well-being that is the cornerstone of strong neighborhoods.

2020 Accomplishments

  • Fire Station Construction 
  • Launched “Vision Zero” initiative on driver and pedestrian safety 
  • Community & Police Working Group Strategic Plan Completed 
  • Equity Commitments 
  • Piloted shared fire station with City of Lancaster & Manheim Township’s Fire Departments  
  • New Police Bureau leadership – Interim Police Chief hired and two of three new captains were promoted from within the Bureau  
  • Christian Street Bikeway project 
  • Fire Bureau 5 year strategic plan completed  
  • 8 out of 9 Fire Command Staff are recognized by the Commission on Professional Credentialing, leading all PA Fire/Rescue Agencies in this category

2021 Goals & Priorities

  • Permanent Police Chief Search 
  • Duke Street Project 
  • Howard Avenue Project 
  • Prince Street paving 
  • Vision Zero Implementation 
  • Complete acquisition of street lighting from PPL  
  • Fire Station Construction 

Community Feedback

This strategic plan can’t work without input from people like you. You know your neighborhood, your street, and your needs better than anyone. We value your input as we work together to build a stronger, more equitable Lancaster, block by block.